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New guy from maryland


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Hey all,

 Been registered and lurking here for a few years but never posted.  I started off with a Akorn about the time I registered and had fairly good luck with it but lately it has been very difficult to hold temp, so I upgraded to a Vision Classic from Sam's club. I bought one of the new Diamond Cut versions with removable ash drawer.  I also built a simple table for about a hundred bucks.  I got the kamado a few days ago and initial impressions were hot and cold.  The grill looks fantastic and for the most part the build quality is acceptable for the price paid. The hinge is a bit flimsy and the dome moves from side to side a bit when lowering and raising but that is not a huge deal.  The thing that had me worried is the multiple areas for possible air leakage, there is a flange where the frame for the ash drawer meets the grill (this mating is not great, there is a large gap that is closed by rope caulk), and where the drawer/vent assembly meets the drawer frame is another chance for leakage although there is a gasket installed here. I was certainly prepared to get out the RTV and start sealing.  

I've done a few cooks on it now, a steak for first night it came in, a spatchcock chicken and some burgers today. For the most part my worries about air leakage are quelled, I was able to keepo 250 for the spatchcock without much issue and I have a ROck's stoker on the way that should make it foolproof.  Bottomline for 550 bucks, I am quite happy with the new classic from Vision.  

Without further ado here are some pictures of my setup 




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Thanks everyone.  Got some spur of the moment bacon wrapped chicken breasts in right now, smoker is humming right along at 275 without much issue. Very impressed for the price far, so much easier to control than my Akorn was

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Didn't turn out too bad.  My temp probe went crazy in the middle and was reading 330 degrees in the smoker while the dome temp was reading 200.  I thought I had lost control of the smoker and closed it all down.  Then realized my temp probe was just jacked,  grill was at 170 or so for a while until I realized the issue and brought the temp back up.  Chicken is still plenty juicy 



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