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Spun'up in Vail AZ


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I have been grilling and smoking for quite some time and picked up an old small Sazco grill on craigslist for a good price to take to TX for a Christmas road trip. We took the kids to see there Aunt and she did not have a grill.... I had to do something :)


It was missing the coal bed liner and the lid so I took it to Home Depot and found some solutions. 


Found a flower pot bottom to lay on the inside to protect the bottom. A stainless steel coal tray that sat perfectly on the bottom and some electrical box items for a modified smoke top.


To say the least, it has become my favorite go to grill/smoker. I love the control on it and the low use of the coal and wood. Only thing I am still toying with is getting the smoke lever just right. It does not take much to get a great deep hickory profile. 


My others grills are a large adjustable coal grill I have been using for at least 15 years and a gas box smoker that has near the same miles on it.  Starting cooking on the grill in the late 70s when my old man would have me flip everything when he cooked... 


Looks like a fun good group here and happy to join. Emerald







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I am impressed just how forgiving these little puppies are. Smoked a bunch of links for my daughter tonight, the only way she likes sausage, and the temp control is amazing. 


I'll add some more goodies tomorrow. Thank you for the welcome gents and I look forward to participating in the group. 

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12 hours ago, jackjumper101 said:

Welcome from Tucson, Spun.  


Thanks. We will have to meet up at some point. I do bourbon tasting and gatherings at my place once in a while. Always have smoked something to go with it :). 


I might be doing a rum event next...

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Doing some pizza tonight. I want to try out the Astrogril cast pizza Iron I picked up from the 50s... perfect fit in the Sazco genie size. Have not done that yet, so I have two Sazco going and trying Reef's Dough Recipes... this crust. Very watery when I mixed so I added until it got where I wanted. 


Have a few folks coming over, so either this turns out good or we eat the smoked pork loins from 2 days ago :). 





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