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The Fat Man Is In The House

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1 hour ago, ckreef said:

It better not be another month you tease - LOL 



Awright, awright...a few more ;-).


Lighting is a bit poor, but crate is off and getting ready to roll it off the pallet. 




It's now in my garage until Burley Hurley (my daughter's boyfriend) and the gang help me roll it to the back yard tomorrow. There's a small slope involved and this thing weighs 800 lbs with all the stainless removed, so need some help there. 


I was hoping to perfectly match my 23 based on pics Dennis sent. Awkward angle, but I'm holding the top cap of the 32 up to my 23. Looks like a perfect match. Pics of Fat Man and Little Boy side by side tomorrow. 


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19 minutes ago, HalfSmoke said:


Nope. Never wore any uniform. Just made a career out of keeping those who do well equipped and alive.

I knew their was a reason I liked you HalfSmoke-US Army (E-5)!



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