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Big Joe rain cover - what am I doing wrong?

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Got the Big Joe last weekend at Costco and it came with the rain cover that the box says is for the BJ.  From what I've seen online it's supposed to basically go down to the wheels so you can cinch up the draw string.  Mine won't do that and it seems like I have to pull the draw string super tight which is troublesome and it's still not very snug.  It already blew off once (high winds but still, I've had it a week) and it doesn't seem to me to be made for its intended purpose.  Am I missing something?  Are there better options?  My grill will remain outdoors and I'm trying to keep it protected.



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I love the quality of all KJ products except the cover. A trash bag would be just as effective - I got mine for 'free' at the Roadshow and I'm still disappointed. 


Unfortunately, IMO give up now and buy this...




It doesn't go all the way to the base but it's a dramatically better cover. Don't let the cover affect your opinion of other KJ products though, it is absolutely the exception, not the rule. 

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2 minutes ago, chaded said:

I have a CoverMate for my BigJoe and it fits like a glove. I have the Ultima and it has a 7 year warranty but there are different options.



Kind of like that one, may be my choice.

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So seriously, this is what KJ should have put out.  It goes down far enough and has loops to connect around 2 of the 4 legs of the cart.  It makes the KJ cover look like a fancy garbage bag that's really just too big.  Unfortunately the snow storm came through before I got it to really test it out but I'm sure I'll get plenty of opportunity.

Grill Cover.jpg

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