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Naan Bread on the Blackstone Oven

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Naan Bread on the Blackstone Oven

Got the hankering today for some naan bread on the Blackstone.  Used a yogurt based naan recipe off the web and included minced garlic and chopped cilantro as some toppings rolled into the flattened rounds.  Cooked on the Blackstone Patio Oven at between 650 and 700 degrees for about 1 ½  minutes.

The wood pizza peel worked well to load the naan rounds in sequence with up to three at a time on the rotating stone.   I may have left a few in a bit too long and got them crisper than they should have been learning the cooking times.  But they were still good eats.   Next time out I might raise the temperature to over 800  – we shall see how that works.  Not a bad result at all for first time baking naan on the Blackstone.

The bread was brushed with salted melted butter after baking.  The bread formed the base for a meal of left over New York strip steak that had been previously grilled on the Kamado as dinner earlier in the week along with sautéed red and green bell pepper, onion and seasonings.


Blackstone Naan

1-Blackstone Naan.jpg

Naan Dough Proofed and Ready

2-Naan Dough Ready.jpg

Garlic and Cilantro Topping


3-Garlic & cilantro Topping.jpg




Heating the Blackstone

5-Heating Blackstone.jpg

Rolling the Rounds - My son took over this part. after he saw my first couple of the rounds... LoL




Let’s Bake


8-Lets Bake.jpg

Baking Underway


9-Baking Underway.jpg

Hot Off the Stone


10-Hot off the Stone.jpg

A Tray of Naan Bread 


11-Naan Bread.jpg

Dinner Is Served - Steak on Naan

12-Steak Peppers & Onions on Naan.jpg

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Great looking Naan. Can you post the recipe or link to it. I'm ready to try cooking Naan for the first time and I have the Blackstone ready to go :-D


Also did you sprinkle the garlic and cilantro on top of each piece before baking or did you mix it into the dough?



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@ckreef  I actually did not save the recipe link.  Just do some web searches and find one you like - this one was yeast based and with yogurt rather than milk.   The recipe is pretty straight forward.  The garlic and cilantro were rolled into the surface after the rounds were formed.  The topped surface was cooked face up to not burn the garlic and such.  


In my Blackstone, depending on the cook, I sometimes raise the bottom cooking stone off the steel platen to have an air gap using 1/2 inch thick ceramic kiln shelf spacers to permit the cook stone surface temp and upper area stone and air temps to be about the same rather than the bottom stone being much much hotter - that is how I cooked the naan.   With this approach I think I could raise the overall cook temperature (as I noted) to better get the slightly crisp exterior yet have the soft chewy interior.  Next time we might also roll them out a bit thicker.   


Let me know your approach - always nice to compare notes as we venture into new areas.

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On 3/11/2017 at 11:06 PM, Smokehowze said:

Naan Bread on the Blackstone Oven


Smokehowze - fantastic cook, and I love the pictures you took showing the process.   I just love naan and other flat breads.  Great job.

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