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Prob a dumb question but....


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Having opposable thumbs and all, do raccoons steal?

I have an old 30-quart aluminum stock pot that I use for my ash bin and When I can home today, there were raccoon tracks in the snow leading up to the pot and back to a tree and the lid was missing. I know the lid was on this morning when I left as I made a mental note to put it in the garage this morning AND there was less snow in the pot than on the patio meaning it was covered for at least part of the day. I get why a raccoon would go into the pot as the ashes are often saturated with meat drippings, but would they take the lid? Even if a buzzard, as my dad and his police buddies used call opportunistic thieves, had come into my yard looking for scrap, wouldn't they have taken the whole pot?
Or perhaps more importantly, why is this perplexing me so? The wind could've just blown it off and then the snow covered it....

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