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Dry Aging with the UMAi bags

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Picked up a choice 18 pound Rib Eye from RD a week ago for my first attempt at dry aging.

Cleaned the bag the meat was in really good and the sink. Put a paper towel in sink and cut open both ends so the blood could drain out.

Followed instructions that came with the bag, no problems, easy to do.

I already knew from measuring that I needed to cut about 3.5 inches off of the big end to make it fit.



Dinner last week!


After one week fat side up instructions say to flip it over, this is the last time it's touched till ready to cut up. I plan on just rotating it end to end weekly by just pulling out the sheet pan.


Note: You can see where the sticker was that I put on it. The meat did not age the same. No stickers on future bags!

I'm shooting for at least 30 days here, then will slice then trim as needed.


The meat side up after the flip.



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Hm, my isntructions don't say anyhting about flipping it and I didn't see them do that in the video either. Have other people flipped theirs?

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