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Costco Roadshow prices for 2017 Kamado Joe


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Are these prices only for the small number of "demo" units that they have at the show? Or are these for new-in-the-box Joes being sold all day? If so, then that's a way better deal than what I just paid at Ace two weeks ago.


I drove an hour round trip to the Costco in MI where they were supposed to be last week, but they weren't there. I asked a few employees who knew nothing about it. There wasn't one KJ item in the store, not even bags of lump.



New in the box. See the photos above; that's a fairly typical setup for a Costco roadshow. Just out of the camera view is a pallet or two of boxed Joes.


Costco won't allow demonstrations although KJ typically makes great deals for the display models. But you have to get there first day, first hour to get the deal.


Bummer about your trip that didn't pan out.



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One thing I forgot to mention was the my Big Joe's latch was broken.  The rep said this is a known issue with a lot of Big Joes coming off the line.  They're crated and in the crating process, the latch is broken off.  He told me to contact Kamado Joe customer service (sent them email, will look for a reply tomorrow or Tuesday) and they'd mail out a new latch.

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