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Nomex on Wood Table


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Hello! I am in the process of finishing up a wood table for my new Primo. I have taken all the safety precautions I have learned from you guys and others, including using the Primo feet to elevate the grill, putting "soft" fire brick below the grill, and putting a sheet of metal under where the lower vent is on the grill to handle any embers that jump out.


My question is this... Has anyone put Nomex on the inner rim of the grill cutout? I am using 3/4 inch boards for the table around the grill. I know I saw someone once mention it somewhere, but it does not seem to be a regular practice. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks for your help and for all the information I have gleaned from this forum!! 

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3 hours ago, HeavyG said:

If you just make sure that you leave enough of a gap (1/2"?) around the Primo you'll be fine.


As HeavyG said a 1/2" gap will fine no need to worry about it , also I think it just won't look that aesthetically pleasing

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Hey Brandon, I have a Vision and I built a table for it. Made the hole a bit too small at first and re-cut but because I am a belt AND suspenders kind of guy, I added nomex around the opening. Turned out pretty good and I can sleep when doing a butt overnight. I think the air-gap was enough but I had it so I used it.


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2 hours ago, bbqrules said:

Hey Brandon, I have a Vision and I built a table for it. Made the hole a bit too small at first and re-cut but because I am a belt AND suspenders kind of guy, I added nomex around the opening. Turned out pretty good and I can sleep when doing a butt overnight. I think the air-gap was enough but I had it so I used it.

I also am that, but it's because belts alone won't hold up my 357mag from sliding down my non existing butt.tongue-out.png.44b6d42a296d76a667f4d8d28409394c.png


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Guys - If I remember my fire safety training correctly, NOMEX is fire resistant.  It's primary usage is safety equipment (clothes).  Nomex clothing ashes over when exposed to flame.  Once that happens, those clothes are trashed.  It's insulating properties are not the primary usage.  Nomex will indeed transfer heat.  Air is a better choice for an insulator.  Air is most assuredly more cost effective as an insulator than nomex.  


In fact, air is such an effective insulator that Weber designed its new Summit Grill using only air and sheet metal as an insulating medium.

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Not to nitpick but air, per se, is a terrible insulator. DEAD AIR is a useful insulator. If air itself was a useful insulator we would not have to fill the walls of our houses with "insulation" - just fill the empty cavity with air.


All the insulating material in a wall cavity does is to provide a mechanism to keep air from moving and swirling all about. 


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@HeavyG - Thanks for setting the record straight.  Dead Air is the ticket.  However in the annular space around a kamado as well as underneath that same kamado, the air will mostly be in the laminar flow region in that area.  Close enough to dead air.  Nomex is simply not needed is nothing more than expensive overkill.  I've seen a Ton of homebuilts and not a single one of them was lined with Nomex.  None of those tables ever burned because of heat from a kamado.  It just doesn't happen and won't until your have the kamado shell touching the wood and the kamado at some nuclear temp.  Low and slow cooks aren't a worry.


We're diddling at the very thinest of margins in this discussion using Nomex as an insulator.  Let's just burn some lump and get on with it.  It strikes me that if you're that worried about fire you should install an industrial fire suppression system and a vented hood. ;)

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