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My new blaze kamado

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Love it [emoji4] my wife thinks I'm crazy I refuse to cook anything inside anymore. Tonight did meatloaf on it 

My wife has already decided that mine was well worth the money we spent on it. I'm not sure if this is because of the quality of the food or really just because she doesn't have to cook as much. Maybe it's a combination of the two :)

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i hope they will build a smaller one for camping or tailgating

I'd like to see a smaller one as well. And a bigger one. I figure both will be needed in order for Blaze to fully compete in the market.

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@nstigator and@dodgeboy8888 what is the biggest bird or meat you can roti in the Blaze Kamado?

I don't own the rotisserie. Every time I've considered getting it, two thoughts prevail :

1. Do I really need another accessory?
2. Will this ruin my love for the quick $5 rotisserie that I buy at the grocery store to feed my family when nothing else fast food sounds good? I mean, I pretty much can't really enjoy bbq, steaks, ribs, the list goes on and on, unless I cook it myself. Do I really want to add another thing to the list?


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    • By tmc
      I thought I'd write a quick review of using the BBQ Guru Pit Viper fan and their Blaze Kamado adapter.
      The adapter comes as two pieces, one for inside the grill and one for outside.
      There are two hex-head screws and wingnuts to cinch it down in the opening.
      It seems it's designed to go in from the inside, but I wanted to try to slip it in from the outside.
      Here's my first attempt at that

      This didn't work because the second bolt couldn't be pulled through the outer plate and cinched down.
      Next I added jam nuts and washers (from my shop "spare parts bin," these are not included):


      With those, I was able to insert the back plate and pull it through-- it was a tight fit with the bolts pressing against the Blaze's vent opening:

      but it worked:

      However, the front plate is not quite large enough and just barely covers the opening:

      It did perform well with the fireboard and its motor control cable.
      Note that although the cable has a separate input for the motor power, the fireboard itself will drive it without that.
      I used an aux USB battery to keep the fireboard energized:

      Hope this helps.  Would I buy it again?  Yes, but I wish BBQ Guru included the jam nuts and washers.  I also was surprised that the front plate just barely fit the opening.  It should be larger by about 5mm.
    • By nstigator
      Here are some pictures, specs, quick facts, and videos on the Blaze Kamado:
      The Blaze Kamado is the industry's first kamado grill made out of solid cast aluminum, up to 1 1/4" thick.  It offers incredible durability and heat control.   The non-porous grill body allows you to use any type of charcoal or wood, as well as any material for lighting the charcoal without worry of damaging or absorbing into the grill body.  As is said in one of the videos linked toward the bottom, this is a grill that your children and grandchildren will be able to cook on.  Blaze backs that claim up with a lifetime warranty on all parts, inside and out.
      The grill:

      Outside the grill

      The blaze kamado does not use a gasket to seal the lid like many other kamados.  Instead, it has a tongue and groove design on the base and the lid.  This keeps a nice, tight seal and eliminates the need to replace gaskets over time.

      The exhaust cap is cast molded on the lid, which also eliminates long term risk of falling off or breaking

      The lid hinge is made from 304 grade stainless steel and features lift assist. 

      Lift handle:

      Bottom vent:

      Temperature gauge:

      Inside the grill:
      The hex shaped grates are made of 304 stainless steel and are covered by the lifetime warranty.
      The top grate is 20 inches and includes hinges on each side to help with charcoal or smoking wood management.  They weight just under 14.5 pounds.


      The middle grate is 18 inches and can be used for heat deflector plates or water pans, or cooking closer to the fire.  It weighs just under 12 pounds.

      The bottom grate is for charcoal and weights 9.75 pounds

      Below the charcoal grate is the removable ash pan, which allows for easy cleanup between cooks

      I think that covers the basics of the grill.  Here are a couple of videos with more information:
      Frequently asked questions.  This includes answers to common questions I've seen on this forum related to heat retention and potential for melting at high temperatures:
      There are a couple more informational videos about the Blaze on youtube, including a commonly mentioned video about it's durability.  I'm not linking them because I don't really think the scenarios they set up are all that realistic.  But in case you wanted to know, the Blaze holds up well to being shot at.   I think the main takeaway is that the Blaze can be transported more safely than a ceramic kamado, which makes it perfect for camping, RV-ing, etc.
      There are also a few great videos specifically about cooking on the Blaze Kamado.  Here are a couple.  There are more on Youtube.  Just search for Blaze Kamado.
      In addition to the specific Blaze cooking videos that you can find, I'll mention that I have been able to watch instructional videos that are based on other kamados and use their methods for cooking on my Blaze.  This is to say that the lighting, cooking, and heat management techniques have proven to me to be exactly the same on the Blaze as they are on the more commonly seen kamados on the market.
      I bought a Blaze kamado in December of 2016 and have been cooking on it multiple times every week.  I have no experience with kamado cooking outside of the Blaze, but I will say that everything i have read about the versatility, heat control, and overall experience of kamado cooking applies to the Blaze.  I'm unashamedly biased here, but I think Blaze Grills has developed a real winner here.  It's definitely worth your consideration if you are browsing these forums looking for kamado options.
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