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    • By KamadoHop
      Thanks to @Kamadobjorn for the inspiration. The table is the “Applaro” Line. The hardware that you see in the last pictures all came from Hobby Lobby. The table comes with a thin, cheap pull bar and nothing else, not even knobs for the doors. The cooler pic is just for reference as that was what I was doing prior to getting the table. The last pic is sans hardware just the way it comes from IKEA. 
      I used Lenox 18TPI metal jigsaw blades with an adjustable speed jigsaw set to its lowest setting to cut the hole. I used this edge trim from Amazon: Trim
      If you have any other questions just ask. Cheers. 

    • By buckleybj
      For a beautiful mid-week dinner I decided to pick up some cod from the local grocery store and roast some white new potatoes my wife picked up from the farmers market. 
      I set the Big Joe up with a half-moon grate on the lower tier for the fish and then kept the other half at the higher tier for the potatoes. 
      Brought the Big Joe up to 350 and had my stone dish getting to temp before adding the potatoes. Just before I got the the KJ going, I started soaking my cedar plank.
      On the fish I mixed up a rub that I've used before:
      1 tbs chopped parsley
      2 tsp olive oil
      1 tsp chopped garlic
      Salt and Pepper (I use a grinder for both of these, so probably a teaspoon or so of each)
      That was enough for a light coating on 4 small cod filets and in the opinion of those who ate, was the perfect amount.
      For the potatoes, I cut them in half and seasoned them with:
      1/4 c olive oil
      3 tbs chopped parsley
      1 tbs toasted garlic and onion seasoning
      Once the grill came to temp, I added the potatoes and let them cook for 20 minutes before adding the cedar plank fish.
      The final result was fantastic which we paired with a spinach salad and a glass of chardonnay.

    • By Smokingdadbbq
      Had a few people who follow my Instagram ask for more information on the table shown in some of my pictures. 
      This is the cedar table work station I built to house my large and minimax big green eggs 
      so far pretty happy with it 

    • By g5spark
      The kj cart that was talked about months ago appears to be available now

      Here's the product link in cdn dollars
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