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2017 Costco PitBoss 24 Questions

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Picked mine up today from Costco for $399.97, which is $200 off the normal price for the end of season. Sold out in San Diego, CA so I drove to El Centro and saved some $$   Excited to get s

Just got my Pit Boss K24 from Costco on 4/29/2017.  I did the initial seasoning per the instructions.  I found to to be package exceptionally well and assembly to be spot on.  On Sunday I broke it in

I have the older style and the "issues", if you can call them that, are not anything to worry about. $10 worth of Nomex felt and the upper and lower vents are sealed up. I doubt the 2017 model will be

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48 minutes ago, dws780 said:

Can I also use the nomex on the bottom vent?


You should fire up the grill and see where you are leaking first. If it was like mine all you need it a bead of rtv under the vent assembly. If you look at the top of the bottom vent, you will see that the factory ran a bead across the top. All you need to do is replicate it on the bottom (underneath). The nomex you are getting will be too thick for the vent doors if that's what you mean. 

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1 hour ago, jadocs said:

You might not even need it. I was going to do mine but haven't yet. The only place I would need it is on the rear end of the top slider. The way it is right now only a little whisp escapes when burping. 

Escaping when burping does not mean you have a leak. Smoke is being forced out by pressure when burping.

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I tried Nomex on the bottom vent. Was no longer able to slide the vent door. Have been planning on adding a bead or RTV to the bottom of the slide but haven't gotten around to it yet. Not really an issue - I am still able to shut it down and seems to save a lot of the lump. That said, if I can improve and it is inexpensive to do it why not...I like to tinker. Have also thought about putting a bead of the RTV around the side edges of the actual flat slider. 

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22 minutes ago, tito1200 said:

I just got one of these last week and have a question about the included cover. Is this the one that is included LInk ?


The one I got doesn't seem to fit the shape of the grill at all and doesn't have the logo or the drawstring.




Yeah that's it. It looks exactly like the cover that came with mine. Did you buy a floor model perhaps? Maybe they gave you the wrong cover. 

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