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Big Joe Soapstone arrived broke, ok to use?


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Hi all,


I recently ordered the Big Joe Soapstone and it arrived broken! Which sucks but BBQguys is sending me a new one which should be here on saturday so can't complain.


Anyways I'm wondering if this is still ok to cook on? I figured if it is safe to use the 2/3 thats not split off, then why not! 


But figured I'd double check from the more experienced people here just in case. 


Thanks for the help!


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I broke the handle off of my ceramic pizza stone in an ill advised quick motion to save something else that was falling... Doh!! I have since found it works better that way as I can get a better grip on it :-)


As [mention=9634]bunz[/mention] says, check for hairline cracks, but you should really do this before each use, damaged or not. Cracks can occur for lots of reasons and the results are spectacular to say the least. Thankfully my first one exploded with the egg closed although it did thoroughly abort the cook for that night...





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