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Cool Vintage Cars


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Not a vintage car, but beautiful non the less. Through the window of my truck, while going through the Starbucks drive through. Not entirely a practical car considering where I live. Hate to have to take that baby on a dirt road. 



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Saw this beauty today at an Art show on the town square. Never actually seen one before, it is a 38 Willys. I have seen Willys / Jeep colorations but not a Willys car. Just truly beautiful and an amazing restoration in every single detail. Truly a classic car in showroom quality.






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I'm just reading through this post.  I have never been a car guy but growing up my dad is the guy that looks at an old car, and could tell me the exact year and motor just by small features like the lights etc.  


He always tells me stories of his old

muscle cars and love for anything older.   He has bought and sold projects over the years and just hasn't found the time to refinish them.  He has had a 68 beetle convertible for the past 5 years.  It came from California and had a full body off restoration on the under side but still required the body work and paint.  He has been flipping VWs building up a nest egg to finally finish this car....


i have dreamed of the day of seeing seeing my dad going to car shows and driving him and mom around town and enjoying the car.  It gets me very emotional thinking about his excitement for some piece of junk car and how happy he is when tinkering with it.  


Anyways, last week my parents went out east to visit my aunt and uncle in New Brunswick. My uncle has an old VW and he and my dad love driving around and going to garage sales.  


My my dad called me later on one night and he was so excited.  I got choked up and I will likely again writing this out.  He was almost in tears with excitement and was looking for advice on a purchase.  My dad has never treated himself and has never bought anything for just him.  He has always taken care of the family and compromised on things like the poor condition VW with only the hope of fixing it up for as little money as possible.  


He was out and about and came across this older man who my dad struck up a conversation with.  He told my dad and uncle that they may want to take a look at something.   


the guy had been a retired mechanic for many years and he purchased an old 1974 Dodge Dart Swinger as a project and took the car apart piece by piece over 15 years.  He photographed the rebuild process and fully restored this vehicle back to life. 


With only 72,000 km on its original engine my dad said that this thing was a hidden gem.  To my dads surprise, the gentleman offered it to him for a price that put dad into a frenzy.  He called me trying to have me talk him out of it, and I told him the exact opposite.  He purchased the car 45 min later and has been crazy excited all week.  


Tomorrow its getting loaded on a carrier trailer to make a 16,000 km journey back to Ontario. My dad told me that he is going to sell off his VW collection to make room for his new baby and all the extra parts that come with it.  It has a second fully restored and rebuilt engine for back up and all sorts of parts and goodies.  


This car car has never entered a car show and has only had 10,000km put on it over the past 20 years.  


Im so emotional and excited for my dad and can't wait to see him booting around town.  I'll take some photos when it arrives but here are a few that he took the other day.  My dad being a jack of all trades, he couldn't take a proper picture to save his life lol. 











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WOW that is one of those rare finds. Especially considering that a mechanic poured his love into it over the years. Take a picture of him sitting in it all excited. That will be priceless. A spare engine too.

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My dad went to the bank today and paid in full.  He just drove it to the hauler compound where it will be on trailer and on route to Ontario later this week.  My mom and dad leave tomorrow so my dad is just finalizing everything now.  He is beyond stressed spending the money, but I have to make sure that I am there for the delivery... that exact moment when he realizes this his reality!!!


My dad and Uncle are going to pick the engine up today as well and storing at my uncles garage.  Next time that they go east, my dad will take my truck down and load up with some of the extras that he won't be able to bring this trip.  


He had to get classic car insurance but needed an appraisal right away.  It has been appraised for 2 1/2 times the value that my dad paid for the car so he is very excited about the deal.  


I guess this guy made a lift that allowed him to spin the car like a rotisserie and he was able to sand blast the entire under body and re paint etc.  This car looks as original as they came if not better my dad is saying.  


Really cool stuff

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That's awesome Ryan I'm so happy that he is going to be living a dream of his. It looks to be a great find, appears to have the bullet proof slant six and is a great example of the swinger platform.

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Yet another classic. The thing I really like about the vintage car owners in our small town is that they drive these beauties, some times even daily. I saw this old Jeep when I was comping out of the market with some mushrooms for tonights steak cook. Fine looking car and you don't see too many of these around. 




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