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Hot enough to sear?


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I am excruciatingly close to pressing the button on an XL, but I want to be absolutely certain that aside from long slow cooks, the Primo will get screamingly hot when I want to sear steaks.

Just for comparison I currently use a Weber Family Q and the other night did a spectacular reverse sear tomahawk.

Can someone assure me the Primo will do an even better job?








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39 minutes ago, Mikeincalgary said:

Hotter than Christie Brinkley in 1980



Don't forget Cheryl Tiegs in Sports Illustrated all those times, especially one!  (If you don't know what I'm talking about, go look it up!)  Caused more controversy at the time, and more copies of the SI Swimsuit Issue was sold, enough to set records.

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I used to struggle getting my Weber kettle hot enough to make a pizza crust crispy.  Once i graduated to a Primo XL, 600 degrees was the normal "resting" point of my grill when left to its own devices.  


Now i have to be careful to not let it overshoot my target temp due to it getting so hot.


You will not be disappointed with your purchase.  I loved mine so much i ended up recently buying a LG 300 just as a backup for smaller meals and fuel consumption.  

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