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My Costco Demo Deal

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So three things that are unsettling about the great Costco Big Joe Demo Deal I picked up today. One, I can't tell you until Monday. The other, well first the ride home was so nerve racking. You notice every single bump and the highways were in poor condition, with people driving like maniacs- despite it being Good Friday.  Longest drive of my life – trying to get this home in one piece.


Next, the BJ Demo has a broken or missing latch in the front so, I can't cook on it until I get the replacement. :roll:




That's my latchless BJ on the right. I knew this going in but it makes the third thing really suck. I'm basically waiting to protect the innocent or naive. 

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I do tend to drive fast. But speed itself doesn't necessarily mean unsafe. I never cut drivers off, force my vehicle between cars when there is no clearance or ride so close to their bumper it jeopardizes both of our lives. Not that it would've done any good but, I wanted to have a bumper sticker that read...



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It's Monday. What couldn't you tell us until today? 


I know the nerve wracking feeling. I delivered a $4 KK to a forum member. 3 1/2 hour drive with it on the back of my trailer. I was really glad when that drive was over. 


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Good am... So, i figure KJ has had a chance to look at their sales reports from the week by now... First of all, the Rep. is a heck of a nice guy. So, KJ if you are reading, please do not use my post as evidence, etc... :)


The Roadshow started on Friday and I got there on Saturday afternoon, basically after concluding the demo deal was gone- I had no real intent of purchasing at the time. I just casually asked about the deal and he said no one had grabbed it- Great thus far. After back and forth during the week, checking to see if i still wanted the deal, I get there on Friday to pickup and he informs me that I was the very first person to ask about the deal but, two or three other people inquired about the deal and that he gave them the deal in boxes. So, two things: gave them the deal???? And, in boxes????? I was 'nervous in the service' driving home and these guys get to drive home securely?


Yeah, I was pretty hot. Calling KJ now about the latch...

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I had 2 gaps in the vent sealant on my 2017 KJ classic. Probably isn't a huge deal but I got some heat resistant silicone and filled them in before I did my first cook.

Sent from my XT1575 using Tapatalk

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Update: I have praised and bragged on KJ support on numerous occasions and I look forward to many more years of top notch service from them so, I am by no means trashing them here. But, after finally getting through to the operator after two days of calling Customer Support, she seemed very unimpressed that this was a brand new BJ missing the handle and gave me the go to our website and report it there spiel.


I consider myself an extremely patient person however, if this were my very first KJ and I couldn't cook on it for the foreseeable future and CS took a 'we'll get it to you when you see it' approach- I'd be hella-hot right now. As it stands- it's no biggy. I didn't even bother to plead my case. :-D

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