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I know how you feel about the drive home. I recently picked up two Joe Jrs (both assembled floor models, one for a friend) about a two hour drive from my home and man the roads suddenly were in terrible condition and it seemed like people were determined to force me to slam on my brakes and accelerate suddenly or take sharp turns. Jerks.

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On 4/17/2017 at 2:46 PM, chris13417 said:

I had 2 gaps in the vent sealant on my 2017 KJ classic. Probably isn't a huge deal but I got some heat resistant silicone and filled them in before I did my first cook.


I hear you. But, I don't like of idea of doing DIY on a brand new grill...


In other news, my latch was shipped today...



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2 hours ago, SamHarrisKJ said:

Did you mention what price you got it for in the end Al? Mine arrives tomorrow.........


Good question! Costco Receipt shows $1499; CC Bill shows $1444.99. Though, I am very disappointed in myself. I must have been under the influence of some Costco Demo Deal mojo because I failed to negoitiate the price of this defective Big Joe. :oops:

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What is the purpose of the latch and how does it's absence keep you from cooking?

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    • By Wildwr
      I've been running my Pitboss K24 since April 2016, average usage is 2-3 times a week and even with our Canadian winters it runs a minimum once a week.
      During one of my cooks I heard a pop and it wasn't until the next cook I noticed a crack running from the lower vent up about 8 inches.
      I contacted Danson's and they responded the next day indicating a new base was being shipped out. 
      I didn't pay much attention to the delivery time although it didn't seem more than a week or so.
      To my surprise,  I was sent and entire Kamado, less the accessories, (i.e  side tables, cooking grates, top vent,  etc...) 
      Danson's warranty rocks in my opinion and if they continue to provide service like this they should be around for a long time.

    • By Kamado Al
      Starting the Resurrection Sunday Brisket- a 17lber from Costco. This one sort of made up for the lack of fat on my first Costco brisket. Threw a lot more of this one away. Still though, I think a have a good pre-cook 15lbs or so...

      Saw these at Costco- couldn't resist... gotta try 'em.

      And... my old standby, go to sausage... lol what a bad pic- it's Michael Kiolbasa from San Antone'

      Where I come from, these qualify as sides... lol
    • By zero
      So a Costco near me is having a Kamado Joe Roadshow, and the lower prices are very appealing.  Probably puling the trigger this weekend on one, but I'm second guessing the size again.  I was talking to the salesman last weekend, and he asked how many people I typically cook for, which really is just me (bachelor life...so hard! ), sometimes 4 to 5.  He said then the only thing I would really need is a Classic Joe, which can easily feed a family of 5.
      And now here's the catch (and my reasoning for a new thread) - he (salesman) claimed you can conceivably cook burgers for a crowd of 20+ on a Classic Joe.  The trick (or workaround) he proposed being that with defelctor(s) in place, you can get a quick sear on the burgers over the coals direct, and let them finish on the indirect portion, stacking your patties on top of each other (four to five high, I would think), where they continue to cook without burning them.  Any of you tried this, or is this concept far-fetched?  Makes sense to me, but after thinking about sizes again for a few nights, I'm starting to lean toward the Big Joe once more.
      1) Any of you with Big Joes wish you had something smaller?  May be laughable, but moving any of them is a pain, and I will have at least one more move in my life, likely coming soon.
      2) Those of you with Classic Joes, how satisfied are you?  How often do you wish you had more surface area?
      Thanks all!
    • By Kamado Al
      The good news is I have secured the Big Joe Demo deal and picked up four bags of lump. The bad news is now I have to break the news to my wife and sell my Big Joe. 

      No classic II on display. The rep said they'd have them his next show on the 21st. The demo is also missing the latch and a section of the firebox is chipped but I am going to make this work somehow. 
      In other news, I am loving the new Costco stores. 

    • By Kamado Al
      I finally found a Costco brisket up to my specs, so I going to see whether I can discern the difference between a choice packer and a prime. Granted, it would be best if they came from the same meat packer but, still... With all the talk of upcoming changes for the KJ in 2018, addressing idiot proof ease of lighting and temp control, I am wondering how many of those owners would be willing to be out in thirty plus degree weather at 2am to get one of these big boys started...

      She didn't require much trimming so, I definitely lost less than a pound and a half and I think I am grossly overstating that...

      Now with the rub. On second thought I need to add at least as much black pepper again in order to approach a proper Louie Mueller bark. I'll add it during the cook after the butcher paper. But, put here into back into the fridge to 'dry brine' on Wednesday.

      1:45 and Big Joe is sluggish to come up to temp... shooting for 215° - 225°.