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My Costco Demo Deal


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I know how you feel about the drive home. I recently picked up two Joe Jrs (both assembled floor models, one for a friend) about a two hour drive from my home and man the roads suddenly were in terrible condition and it seemed like people were determined to force me to slam on my brakes and accelerate suddenly or take sharp turns. Jerks.

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On 4/17/2017 at 2:46 PM, chris13417 said:

I had 2 gaps in the vent sealant on my 2017 KJ classic. Probably isn't a huge deal but I got some heat resistant silicone and filled them in before I did my first cook.


I hear you. But, I don't like of idea of doing DIY on a brand new grill...


In other news, my latch was shipped today...



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2 hours ago, SamHarrisKJ said:

Did you mention what price you got it for in the end Al? Mine arrives tomorrow.........


Good question! Costco Receipt shows $1499; CC Bill shows $1444.99. Though, I am very disappointed in myself. I must have been under the influence of some Costco Demo Deal mojo because I failed to negoitiate the price of this defective Big Joe. :oops:

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I consider myself a patient person but, 12 days after the purchase and still no latch for the BJ was weighing on me...




The Fed Ex tracker said it would deliver Monday. Sigh, I was actually thinking the unthinkable of returning this to Costco either today or tomorrow. But, when I checked the mail, voilà.




So here is the question then-  who can tell me what this piece is for? Never having seen an actual working latch, I am clueless...



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So I understand it right, you were the first person to ask about the demo model that they showed off during the roadshow?  Then the rep sold boxed models for the same price he sold the floor model for?


In the end, what did you end up paying for floor/demo model Big KJ???

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55 minutes ago, Purple87SS said:

So I understand it right, you were the first person to ask about the demo model that they showed off during the roadshow?  Then the rep sold boxed models for the same price he sold the floor model for?


In the end, what did you end up paying for floor/demo model Big KJ???



You pay the same price for the BJ floor model but they throw in the JR for free as the bonus

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1 hour ago, windnsea26 said:

I hope to find the "combo deal" this weekend. I have a classic but was looking for the big joe too. Would be nice to also get the jr as a bonus.  


Get there early , I think you will really like the JR for those small cook's , good luck , and nothing like having all 3 to show off even thou most people will think your nuts!!!

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