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Controller Adapter and lower vent seal

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I have been using a HeaterMeter with a RotoDamper RD3 to control the Pit Boss and it works very well, but it was a bit of a pain to get the RD3 on and off with all of the gasket material I was using to get a good seal on the bottom damper. 


With crap weather today I went out to the barn to play with power tools and make something better. First up was a second sliding door with a big hole in it. This is to take the place of the screen missing on the 2016 models. Next I made a smaller steel rectangle to fit between the rails and gave it a slightly smaller hole that the pipe connector can screw into.  I put gasket felt around the outside and glued in 4 small rare earth magnets.  


Now I can just stick the controller on and the magnets hold it tightly sealed, but it pulls right off when done.  Further, with the two sliders I get a much better fit with less gasket material so they slide and seal easier for manual control or closing down to kill the fire. 


Materials used: scrap 22 gauge steel sheet, some extra gasket scraps, 4 extra strong magnets ($4 for a six pack at Home Despot).


Tools: Grinder with metal cutoff disk, drill with harbor freight step bit, file, and a vice. 


Total cost $4 plus scraps. Time to do, about 20 min.




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I forgot to mention, I used gorilla glue to hold the magnets in which was a bit of a mess because it foams and expands.  I might suggest trying superglue. 

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