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Extra tight Joetessrie


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Don't know if it makes any difference but if you want to seal up the left side I've been doing this:

I take a strip of aluminum  foil and fold it in half 5-6 times. Then wrap it 3-4 times around the rod. IMG_2373.JPG



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9 hours ago, Rob_grill_apprentice said:

I find because of the spaces in the Joetisserie that  I have had to make a minor my vents settings.   If I use my normal settings to 350 I end up closer to 400 so I make I minor adjustment and I reach 350 (330-360).    I like you idea of foil in the space. 

By using the aluminum foil to fill the gap I'm back to my old setting. For Easter I spun a 5# butt on the JT & had no trouble holding the temp. @ 225*-235*. The longer the cook & the lower the temp. the more careful I am to making sure the foil is in there tight. There will be some leakage between the square spit & the foil. The picture I posted was from some pineapples that I was spinning the day before. As you can see the heat/smoke went through the first third of the foil but never made it out.

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