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Starting the Resurrection Sunday Brisket- a 17lber from Costco. This one sort of made up for the lack of fat on my first Costco brisket. Threw a lot more of this one away. Still though, I think a have a good pre-cook 15lbs or so...




Saw these at Costco- couldn't resist... gotta try 'em.




And... my old standby, go to sausage... lol what a bad pic- it's Michael Kiolbasa from San Antone'




Where I come from, these qualify as sides... lol


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So, this was the fattiest brisket I have cooked by far. I trimmed perhaps a good 1 1/2lbs of fat. After cutting, I probably could have trimmed another 1 1/2lbs. Even the thickness of the fat on the fat side tricked me. Had more depth than I could perceive. And the fat ran throughout the inside of the brisket like I have never seen before.




That hard fat on the upper left, i normally carve out. In this pic, I had already removed quite a bit. The photo doesn't show the depth that i cut into it. Even still, that fat ran almost as thick to the other side- never seen that...




Final product. Went on at `8:30pm, came off at 9:10am. Wrapped in butcher paper and made a makeshift Cambro: placed in aluminum pan, put two towels underneath the pan, two on top; placed it all inside two large paper bags to help retain the heat.


Rested until 1pm. Went faster than it could be sliced. Half was gone before I could grab my camera for the pic.

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43 minutes ago, skreef said:

Look like most or all the fat render out. Nice cook 


skreef, the overall tenderness and taste was spot on. And the fat did render well but, beginning at that next slice, the entire right side is fat almost from top to bottom. There that thick white fat was too much to render out. Normally of course, there is a seam of fat that runs between the flat and point. This was magnified by several degrees. 


No no one complained. Lol

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1 minute ago, rchang72 said:

Good looking one. I suspect we go to the same Costco in Deerfield. Did you have fire issues with all the fat? I'm sure it was juicy as all get out


I do but one this one occasion, I happened to be closer to Springdale so I got it there. Lol

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7 minutes ago, rchang72 said:

Good looking one. I suspect we go to the same Costco in Deerfield. Did you have fire issues with all the fat? I'm sure it was juicy as all get out


I do but on this one occasion, I happened to be closer to Springdale so I got it there. Lol


oh, and not a single issue with fire this time. I made sure the deflectors were clean! And, the pan now sits in the grates  instead of the deflector plates.  The briskets it's on the home made extender grate

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