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New KJ Classic from Costco Demo moved with Subaru Outback


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Hi all, so after less than a year on my Akorn, I made the leap and now have a Kamado Joe Classic!  Haven't done any cooking on it yet, as I didn't get it onto my back patio until last night around 9:15, but will remedy that tonight!  I put this post at the end of my last one full of 20 questions about how to move one of these things, and thought I'd create it as a thread of its own, in case there are (probably will be) any other people in my situation who want input on whether it will fit in their vehicle or not, specifically to those with a 2010 Subaru Outback or newer.  Measured my rig's interior tons of times, got varying results on the size of the kamado itself, had a friend ready to lend me his truck, but at the end of the day my Outback did the job:




With the top vent removed, it just fits in there, standing upright.  My intent was to have it lying down, but this worked out great.  I stuffed some excess plastic wrap the Costco guys had left over between the handle and my car's rear hatch.  Some tie-down straps from the same friend kept it quite stable, and I had a pretty easy drive back over the mountains to my house.




I've never been known for any kind of cosmetic abilities, only good cooking. :)  Anyway, it survived the trip without incident, and now it's waiting patiently on my back patio for the first cook!




Think I'll try a [simple?] reverse seared steak, since I didn't [easily?] have that ability with my Akorn.  Sounds like a simple process, but gues I'm about to find out!  Look forward to sharing lots of tasty cooks with y'all.

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Congratulations! I imagine riding with a naked kamado inside a car is a little more assuring than in the back of the truck. Even the Joe Jr.- I left it in it's stand- rode pretty solidly so, I'm certain your Classic wouldn't have budged. But, in the odd case you have to slam on your breaks, etc. it's good to have the added security of the tie downs.

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I was able to fit a big joe (standing upright without cap) and all the demo goodies in a 2015 Subaru Forester. The fit was TIGHT, the top was rubbing on the roof of the car, but it didn’t do any damage. It was actually perfect because I didn’t have to use tie downs to secure it from moving. We took out the hard plastic floor protector in the back to free up as much space as possible. 


I also took home 3 bags of 30lb lump using a Thule roof box.  I probably could have fit the charcoal in the car too but I opted for the roof to keep the inside of my car cleaner. 


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Like the old saying proclaims, "any landing you walk away from, was a good landing". If you have to move it again, one thing to do is to put   put a couple of thicknesss of folded cardboard  card board between the outside edge of the fire box and fire ring and the inside wall of the Kamado. Also cardboard between the kettle and the dome and some cling wrap through the handle and then under or around the kettle to keep it shut during transit. 

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I have an outback too, at first the rep and i tried gettin the box in there and.....nope!

so I put it in and then went back in and bought enough lump to surround the joe completely. What my dumbass self did not do however, was take the guts out, and when I got home ol' Joe had to stay in the car for two days while I found someone to help me get it out. If i had taken out the guts I could have done it myself.

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      I've got a Kamado Joe Classic 3 and I'm moving from Ohio to Texas.  We're using u-boxes from U-Haul to ship our items and I fear it will break if I put it in one of those even with padding and the T&C on the insurance you can buy is very sketch.  Anyone have any idea of how much it would cost to ship a Classic 3 by freight or cheap slow method?  I could rent a larger SUV or Van but that will cost me $600.   I do have a crew-cab truck that I might get checked out to see if it's worthy/safe to drive to Texas but I'm worried about putting it in the bed for the 21 hour drive over 3-4 days (not to mention if someone were to try and steal it while I'm sleeping in a hotel or doing a hike).  Perhaps I could fit in the crew cab , I'm not sure though.  Sorry for rambling just thinking while I type.  Appreciate any feedback, I did read the thread about someone moving to Florida with theirs. 
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      I am looking at Kamado Joe grills.  A few questions:
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      I’m new to the forum but just picked up the KJ Classic (but with the black shelving and handle, not bamboo and divide and conquer setup, not the older triangle setup) for $699.99 + tax, clearanced from $999.99 with free ship to store and currently free assembly and delivery on all grills over $399 at Ace Hardware if you’re an Ace Rewards program member (free loyalty program). Haven’t seen the Classic anywhere else for less than $800-$900.  I was about to spring for the Classic II, but with this deal at $500 less ($1199 seems to be the prevailing sticker for the Classic II) I decided I could live without the Air Lift hinge and Kontrol Tower (Think I like the cast iron with daisy wheel better for longevity, anyways).  Anyways, here is the website, I imagine Ace is trying to clear inventory so they can sell some more Classic IIs.
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