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New Diamond Cut Vision Grill B-Series... 2nd Cook

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Well, here's my second attempt.  I used the recipe found on this site:  https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/15414-bbq-smoked-chicken-leg-quarters/


It turned out great, but my bride was wondering what the zesty Italian dressing did.  She said she couldn't taste it and noted that the recipe also requires a rub and the BBQ sauce.  And it's not like chicken is tough meat.   We're thinking about lightly coating with olive oil and using the rub, then the BBQ sauce as an experiment.  Does anyone know?  It turned out really tasty so maybe we shouldn't mess with it.


In the first picture I was trying to show the lack of smoke anywhere other than the top. So maybe in this later model the leaks I've read about in the B-series have been fixed.  In the second picture, the temperature is nicely locked in around 280F.  And finally the finished product.





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On 4/22/2017 at 5:06 PM, coldfusion said:

The weight of the diamond cut is listed as 185 pounds compared to the original being listed as 196 pounds.
That's 11 pounds less of thermal mass that they saved by making diamonds?

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Interesting.  I wonder if it affects how well it hold the temperature.  I've really been impressed with how easy it has been to hold at 250F, 280F, and 350F on the 3 cooks I've done.  I also wonder if it dealt with saving material, ease of molding, or just looks.  I would have been just as happy with the more traditional look, but this is what they had.

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