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How do you keep your Kamado Clean?

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The foundational element in my kamado cleaning regime is cooking pizza. I try to be a good boy and do that at least once a week. In prep for a Pizza cook I clean out the fire box with an ash vac. I check the box for cracks etc. Then put in new lump. I use two or three stones, I select the dirtiest one and set it dirty face down at main grate level. On my next pizza cook this stone will be my pizza stone, as deflector duty during a 650 pizza cook cleans it almost white as snow.  Then I cook my pies. The next morning I wake up to a clean bottom stone and fire box.  I pull the ceramics about every six months and clean & check  the case during the same procedure. Remember any thing that starts with cooking  pizza is a good routine  to fall into. CC's right, no worries. By the way my dome inside and the kettle wall is black as night, no worries about that either, I just wipe it down with a damp rag every so often. IMO Your not going to get a fie because of a dirty case or dome, but if your fire box and the inside of your fire ring is full a grease it could be a different story.  IMO, The baked in grease on the dome and kettle  is like seasoning on a CI pan



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