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Classic Thermapen - $59 - down from $79

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Both are great thermometers.  I'd still probably pay $40 more for the mk4 as it uses AAA batteries that you can easily get for a quarter each.  The classic uses cr2032 batteries which cost $3 to $4 each and are hard to find.  You can order button batteries on ebay from china for a few cents each, but you have to wait 1-2 months for delivery.

I have a classic thermopen which is too expensive just to throw out due to the batteries that I got 2 years ago.  It died a couple months ago so I ordered batteries from china and just got them a couple weeks ago.


I just threw away my kitchen scale which gobbled cr2032s as well and got another $12 model that uses AAA.  Its sad that they batteries get more pricing power than the product.  New batteries lasted less than 6 months in the old one.


Ignore any claim of 1000s of hours of life.  The cr2032 whether from china or what come with the product or for $4 each at home depot last about 2 years then die of old age.  Stored batteries are completely flat within 5 years.


I will not buy any product that uses button batteries unless the device *needs* to be smaller than an AAA battery.


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