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Any Suggestions for Roast Duck?

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After seeing several videos on the subject of roast duck I finally decided to pick up a whole frozen duck (Canadian product but I don't remember the breed) from my local asian market. After deciding which method to use based on above said videos, I was really disappointed in the end result. I doubt I will ever try it again. I have enjoyed it in asian restaurants many times but decided, and especially considering the cost vs. chicken (no to mention how much we enjoy chicken off the Kamado) I simply don't see the need to go there again.


Hopefully you'll have a different result.

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Never heard of a Pekin duck and had to look it up - used DuckDuckGo - appropriately. LOL!

I found this...




Anyway, I've done a few ducks and suggest that you pierce the skin all over to allow the fat to render out

and use a drip pan so you don't get a duck fat fire.  Last time I did one I kept it simple - blessed the

duck with a shot of bourbon - one for the duck and one for me - then sprinkled with some salt and pepper.

Put a couple of slices of orange and lemon in the cavity and onto the Kamado at ~350 til the IT of breast was

160 to 165. I know that some folks like a more rare bird but this works for us.


I didn't know about this type duck and learned something new. Thanks for posting good luck with your cook.

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If it is a farm raised duck they can be fatty. I learned this trick from an old school Home Ec. teacher. Pierce the ducks skin on the breast and thighs with a sharp fork. Put the duck in a pan that will hold it and cover it with water. Bring it to a boil  for 5 minutes. The boiling water will liquify the fat under the skin and allow some of it to drain off. Plenty enough fat left to make it tasty. After the hot bath wash it off, season and roast as desired. I thought this technique worked rather well. 

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