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Black Cod on the Jr

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Anyone else ever cook any black cod/sable fish? I got some from a neighbor, looked up a few ways to prepare and decided to go with a simple cast iron cook on the Joe Jr.


Washed the fish down really good, patted dry and used a little oil with salt and pepper then dropped in the skillet. Had a bit of cherry wood in.


Nice and flaky, almost buttery texture.


My main question is does this fish retain a fishy taste and smell. This one turned out very strong flavored of fish.


Not sure if it was just my prep and cook.




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We were visiting friends in Ketchikan a few summers ago and he pulled some deep water black cod out of his freezer that he'd caught recently. They marinated in a soy based marinade and glazed it with teriyaki. It was phenomenal. Some of the best fish I've ever tasted. If handled properly should not taste fishy. It may not have been your prep as much as how the fish was handled once out of the water.

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