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Fuel consumption?

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@Timtogrill - basically stated, I've seen electric starters start fires on wooden decks, I've seen children and pets badly burned because parents set down the starter and some kid or pet wanders over, etc.  They are really nothing more than a very crude means of getting a fire going in a cooker.  They light too much lump and the downside is just too great.  


As for the disappointment of a cook being over, join the crowd!  BUT, there is always the next cook, right? :-D


Have a great day.

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@CeramicChef Ok, so only dangerous if misused by user. I've been using those things for 20 years and like them for fire starting but it has a safe place to go after coming out of the grill. I couldn't use it on L&S on the Akorn because like you said it would lite to much lump. Even leaving it in only 3 minutes was to much but not the case with Primo.....use it on every cook.

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I have no issue with cotton balls at all. I no longer attempt to light from the ash tray like JS demonstrated: it ignites the lump toward the middle of the Big Joe and I prefer to start near the front. Anyway, two or three toward the front, maybe two or three inches from one another and I'm good to go. Plus, cant beat the price...

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On 4/27/2017 at 7:57 AM, Timtogrill said:

I should have finished my post with "I wish I would have keep the Akorn for those quick small cooks. I would never think about going back to Akorn and giving up the Primo.....ever! I understand there's more mass to heat up, new that before moving to Primo.


Didn't mean to sound like I was complaining about how much lump I'm using or the amount of time it takes, heck I'm usually disappointed when the cook is over :sad:


I will search for your post on electric starters, never new they could be dangerous.

As someone who just got the Primo I appreciate this.  It's a bit different and I'm still learning.  It's bigger so it'll hold more lump and anecdotally it uses a bit more than my Akorn.  But again I'm still learning it.  I think I might get an Akorn Jr. for small cooks although I like the mods Panchango did. 

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