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First Full (Packer) Brisket.

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My sister inlaw is in from Texas, so picked up this bad boy from my local Walmart it is 12lb brisket. ;) Time to prove us Yankees can cook brisket as well.


The largest I've ever cooked was a 5lb flat, so excited to do a full one.


So I ran out of sea salt, so had to improvise and make my own seasoning from what I had in the cabinet. Tossed it on after trimming the fatback down to approx 1/8th of an inch. Then let sit in fridge for a good 12 hours.


I woke at 5:30 this am, took brisket out of fridge to let it come up to room temp. Started the grill and that took an hour to stabilize at 250 mark. I then tossed the meat on and so far we are looking good.


Think at this point I hit that stall. Which is good, as I was worried it would be done well before dinner time. I was aiming for a 4-5pm finish then wrap and let sit in dry cooler for an hour or so.


As I type this and watch it now hit the 165 mark. Hmmmm well maybe a late lunch after all.


Will keep you all posted, but question. If this thing finishes at 2pm, how would you keep warm or warm up at 6pm for a dinner? Plan to wrap and put in cooler, to keep warm but 4 hrs is that too long?b7462505aeef4c68b0f9db8ac272899a.jpgfc5721eb99fb1d72c43eb413cbdd7b26.jpg


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I would preheat a cooler with hot water- then dump. After wrapping in butcher paper (probably double wrap), I would then place in aluminum pan. Then depending on how many old (thick) towels you have handy, I would place a couple in the bottom of the cooler, place the pan on top of them and then place a couple more on top.


I might even introduce a little more heat by filing a mason jar with boiled water and placing on top of the towels maybe half way through the hold, just to kick the temp in the cooler up again.

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32 minutes ago, Chipster67 said:

Awesome. That is for the info.. was worried. Looks like the stall wasn't much of a stall as it is now at 171.

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At a temp of 171F you've got quite a ways to go to get out of The Stall, dadgummit!  Keep your brisket on until it probes as tender as warm butter and temp is above 195F or so.  We're looking forward to pics of the finished product.

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Well the Brisket is done.. the probe melted into it. I could see it the probe melting I to the meat even before I pushed :) Nice and tender.

Wrapped in foil and a thick bath towel and dropped in a cooler to rest.

Now the wait for another 3-4 hours.

Thanks for the help.72ff8797646b44e19ca6bd7d20307482.jpg9d2ce50175e4449e4d3ab8384b6cd707.jpg

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