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Standing Rib Roast


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Standing Rib Roast on the Pit Boss 24
Today I am doing a 4 1/2 lb Standing Rib Roast. I prefer to have the bone left intact rather than the butcher cutting it loose and then netting it all back together. I took it out of the refrigerator 2 hours prior to my cook and seasoned it (putting cold meat on the Kamado causes the temps to drop and takes longer to re-stabilize the temperature). I have seasoned it with a light oil rub, fresh black pepper, ground coarse salt and dried garlic flakes.
Filled the bowl of the Pit Boss 24 about 3/4 full and lit it using two paraffin cubes. Left the top up and the bottom vent wide open for about 10 min. Place about 5 good chunks of hickory on the fire. Two over the hot coals and three scattered around. This will allow for a continuous smoke throughout the cooking process. Then load up your deflector stone, grates and water pan. Close the lid and allow the temp to come up to 225 degrees.
When your grill reaches 225 degrees burp the grill and then place your meat over the water pan, insert your digital thermometer, close the cover and set your thermometer to your desired doneness. I have mine set to Rare to Medium Rare 128
degrees. Remember it will continue to cook after you take it out and let it rest.
Now remove your Roast from the fire and wrap it up in foil. Open the vents up on you grill to allow it to heat up to 500 degrees. When it reaches 500 degrees unwrap the Roast and put it fat side down and allow it to sear nicely. Just leave it in one place, you don't need to move it all around. After about 15 min the fat should start pulling back. Flip it on each side for about 5 min each. Take it off, wrap I up and let it rest for at least 30 min.
Nice and moist and tender seasoned just right and just enough smoke to finish it off.
Suggestions or improvements are always welcome.  This gives you something to build upon. The pictures below are in order of the cooking stages.









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