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Primo Oval XL - 1st Cook

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After months of debating and waiting, I finally pulled the trigger on the Primo and after some more waiting was able to finally cook on it!  I have cooked on an Akorn for the last 15 months or so and really liked it but wanted to move up to a Ceramic.  Some initial thoughts and observations:

1) This thing is big (and heavy)! - I built a temporary mini cart for it and prob should have used heavier duty casters but it is temporary.

2) Since it's bigger, it takes more lump.  Not sure exactly how much more though.  And I do have the firebox divider which I have used a couple of times

3) I really like the oval shape.  This is what ultimately sold me.  I think I would have just stayed with the Akorn otherwise.

4) It was a completely unnecessary purchase as the Akorn does really well.  But I wanted it and I like it.

5) First cook was chicken leg quarters - pics below (and I know I don't have a money shot - total amateur move - promise to do better next time, which is very soon).  They came out just as juicy.  On the Akorn they usually came out with the tops a little more brown than the rest.  Didn't experience that on the Primo.  I prefer the Primo,

6) The thermometer is pretty darn accurate - I have a TheomaQ and they were pretty close most of the cook.

So in summary - if you were like me and wanted to move up from an Akorn to a Primo, Egg, KJ etc..  I would say you won't be disappointed as they're pretty much all they're cracked up to be (guess that's not the best choice of words when referring to ceramics ;) ).  But don't be in a rush.  The Akorn is really, really good.  As a matter of fact, I'm thinking about getting an Akorn Jr for small cooks and travel.




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Congrats buddy! That thing is beautiful. Like you I recently added a xl ceramic (Big Joe) to supplement my steel kamado(keg). I love both my gals. 




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Just now, prowe said:

Congrats buddy! That thing is beautiful. Like you I recently added a xl ceramic (Big Joe) to supplement my steel kamado(keg). I love both my gals. 



Thanks!  I think my wife might be getting jealous but she sure likes the tastiness they turn out.

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Nothing like a new Primo. That thing is beautiful. Fill it on up with lump and get to cooking some more food. 


Also, I purchased an Akorn Jr for the same reasons you're thinking about. I cook all of my little cooks on it while the Primo is doing the heavy lifting. 

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13 hours ago, Timtogrill said:

Yeah congrats! Your really gonna enjoy all that room. You mentioned the casters, they are rated for that much weight? Last thing you want is one cracking and.......well you know, just get that baby in something nice and safe soon as you can.

Yeah they are rated for 300 lbs.  I don't move it a lot and essentially I threw it together in a day just so I wouldn't  have to sit on blocks.  Planning on building a more semi-permanent cart soon.  Lots of examples in here as well.  Just have to make up my mind on what I want, which  might take a while.  Think I'll go throw a brisket and/or a butt on and think about it for a while ...

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Congrats on a great quality Kamado, you are going to enjoy many years of some great food coming off it. I liked my XL so much, I went out and got a Jr. to keep it company.


Even with your table being temporary you should put a support in the rear to keep it from possibly falling backwards. You will find this to be more of an issue when you remove the firebox to do a cleaning which is not very often, but would rather be safe than sorry.



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Several years ago my husband wanted me to stop fussing around with trying to cook kamado style in a clay pot and did some research on the best of the best.  He bought me a huge Primo XL which I was properly appreciative of, etc. etc. but soon found that just for the two of us, it was a lot of work and heavy lifting for me as well.  So I bought myself a smaller Vision, and finally an even smaller Akorn Jr.  Now I do 90% of my cooking on the Jr., occasionally on the Vision, and never on the Primo.  Sad, I guess, but it will do the job when or if I need it for a large group, which we do have in the summer.

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      Good morning and happy Independence Day!  I am new here as a poster but have been lurking in the background since I got th kamado bug.  There is a ton of good info on this forum and I appreciate the posters and information found here. 
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