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Additional grate configuration

Team PCBeach

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This might be just new for me or it might only work with the new firebox design.  This weekend I had cooked two butts.  After the butts were done I wanted to do a Dizzy Pineapple and some Mexican Street Corn. The Joetisserie doesn't fit on the grill if the divide and conquer is installed.  I played around for a few minutes and realised I could put the X rack right on the metal band that holds the new firebox together.  Grates site nicely on top of that and then the Joetissery goes above that.  Worked out perfectly.  I think this would work for may cooks where you want to spin something and do a side item at the same time.   You lose some depth so you couldn't do a something like a Turkey, but I think most other things would fit.  Photo below is a little misleading, I had plenty of clear space under the pineapple for the direct heat of the fire to caramelize the sugar.



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very nice idea. I just got the big joetisserie (need to try it out soon) and thats a great idea for corn/potatoes. I still have the old fire box without the metal, so I'll have to see if I can get this method to work for me.

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