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My First Beer Can Chicken

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Over this past weekend I did my first beer can chicken on the kamado. I pretty much followed the recipe posted here in one of the forums, with a few variations. I think it turned out ok for my first attempt, although I think I left it on a few minutes more than i should have. Internal temperature at the breast got to 170-ish and the white meat turned out just a tad on the dry side. Not inedible dry, just that kind of dry where you can kind of tell it was on just a bit too long...dark meat was fine. Either way the kids and wife liked it - it was very flavorful. I'll definitely try again until I get it perfect!






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Just looked at an article,  "Debunking the Beer Can Chicken Myth" on Amazing Ribs website.

-have NOT tried roasting a bird on a stand without beer, but I will.

I have found that the beer never really gets to a temp to boil and flavor the chicken even before I saw the article.


See what you think.....

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