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I'm new to using the KJ Lump charcoal.  Coming from a different grill I typically used Kingsford and around Memorial Day it typically went on sale for around half off.  Does the KJ lump typically go on sale, or are there other quality lump charcoals that go on sale around Memorial Day?

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I think Home Depot has Royal Oak on sale today, it's an ok lump. You can get Kamado Joe big block lump at the Costco road shows, $22 for a 30 lb. bag, which is an excellent price.

However, when I see charcoal on sale around the holidays it always briquettes.

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I recently made the 230 mile round trip to the closest Costco Road Show for 150 lbs of charcoal.  Factoring in gas and time, that's about the farthest I can go and still make it worth my while.


Who can I speak to about maybe getting the Costco Road Show coming to one of the two Hampton Roads, Virginia (Norfolk or Newport News) Costcos?  While I personally can't make a Costco Road Show a success on my own, I can promise buying 5-10 bags each time its in town!




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      I've had some KJ Big Block Lump Charcoal for a while now and finally got around to opening up a few bag. Here is a review of it.
      Two out of the 4 bags I have. One was out in the sun as you can see from the faded bag.

      Cut the top of the bags off.

      Pushed the large pieces to the left to get a better look

      And now a 6" ruler and a business card from some size relationship.

      Stuff looks good and I'll be burning some this afternoon to know how it burns.
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      I know Cowboy Lump gets mixed reviews but for $0.50/lb shipped to my door I'm probably going to give it a shot.
      Cowboy® 20 lb Hardwood Lump Charcoal $9.78
      Order 4 bags and they'll ship for free.
      I've used a lot of RO but haven't been able to find any decent deals around me in the past 6 months. I've been using El Diablo lately and AFAIC it is decent stuff. Local walmart stores have had 40# bags for $15 but it has started to be hard to find.