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Lamb-a-hawk and Shrimp

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Like a Tomahawk steak only miniature with lamb. 


Started with a rack of lamb that I generously trimmed  and butchered. Marinated for awhile then a hot, fast sear on the Akorn Jr.






Peach/sriracha shrimp cooked on the 19" KK. 





Grilled carrots on the 16" KK. 





Dinner was served. Definitely the best lamb chops I've cooked to date. Taste was fantastic and truly melt in your mouth tender. 




We had a little calzone dough leftover from lunch so Mr skreef made apple pie calzones. Served with ice cream and caramel syrup. 







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34 minutes ago, Tioga said:

That's the way I like my Lambchops. Slice first, marinate, then grill hot with flames. Tell me about that knife in the plated shot please?


They were awesome lamb chops. 


The knife is the Miyabi Artisan SG2 line. It's a 5 inch utility knife. This line of knives look fantastic and are very sharp with a 12° double bevel. 

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24 minutes ago, Bgosnell151 said:

Ummmm, this is probably the best looking dinner ever.  The only way you could have added one more of my favorites is if you had oysters for an app... unbelievable cook!!!



TY Bgosnell151 - everything I like for sure. Once prepped it was a simple and quick cook. 


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18 minutes ago, Bgosnell151 said:

I've never cut my lamb prior to the smoke.  I typically trim them and wrap the bones with foil, the cook it as one.  I'all try this way next time.


I've tried all different ways. So far I like this the best. Some of it has to do with the final goal - an awesome presentation (left whole) or just scrumptious bites (carved first) 


Next time I'm going to carve the bones off the roast and trim up all the fat. Then I'll be left with a small round roll of  pure meat heaven. 


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