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Akorn $249 at Lowe's

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299.99 here too!


Just be very careful of those Akorns.  They are an awesome grill.  But with all of its awesomeness....they are dangerous.


Mine led me to stop buying cheap ### briquette charcoal, my grandson won't touch anything grilled unless it was grilled on lump.  Which ticks his mom and dad off when they cook on their gas grills  LOL.  And then...all of the sudden.... BAMB a Primo XL showed up in my drive way.


I have no idea how that happened... :) But I blame the Akorn for starting it all. 


BTW, the Akorn is now downgraded to overflow/backup cooking and camping. I have no intention of letting that thing go!

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I purchased an Akorn last weekend in Lowes for $249. It was in-store only and advertised online as good until the 5th but not marked down on the tag in the store. Same for the smoking stone. 

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I perchased my Akorn at the local Walmart for $200 last weekend! [emoji44][emoji44]


It was the display model, still had all parts, and came preassembled. It was the last one in the store,and the manager said they would not be getting any more. So I asked for a discount.


Going to cook on it for the first time this weekend. Right before I have 3 wisdom teeth removed. (At 43 no less)


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