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So I got Ken Forkish's book "FWSY" a little while ago, and an loving making bread, directly following his recipes and making my own creations using the techniques he teaches.


However, whether I follow a recipe or go freestyle, something as beautiful as this:



Always looks like this on the bottom:



My Kamado Joe has been tied up with a pork butt this afternoon, so I fired up my Akorn for the first time in months to have a go. I recall having a little more success with bread on my Akorn (but I haven't done as much bread on my KJ yet - not knocking it), but on both this keeps happening, and I end up cutting off a good portion of the bottom crust.


This particular loaf is about 80% whole wheat, 80% hydration, and is a hybrid levain (i.e. Sourdough), with 100 grams of my own started as well as 1/4 tsp instant yeast (yes, a relatively large amount, but it rises amazingly, which I love).


Baking method: preheat kamado to ~500 with diffuser plate in place and rack above (no water pan), put a pizza steel for extra deflection on the rack, then the Dutch oven on the steel. Let it all warm up 10-20 minutes (maybe not the full amount, but seems to be hot enough), and then drop the loaf in and put the lid back on. Bake for 20 minutes, pull the lid, and then remove after another 5-10 minutes. This yielded the results above.


I thought the lower stone and the steel would keep enough direct heat off the bottom of the bread, but doesn't appear too. The only time I've not burned it is when I've got it directly on a stone on the top rack (no Dutch oven), or in a pie pan on the upper rack of my Akorn (also no Dutch oven). I really want to keep the Dutch oven in place because that's supposedly what makes the bread split open on top. Is an Akorn even moist enough to get away without using it?


Any thoughts and recommendations (and especially experience) is much appreciated. Thanks!



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Moderators, please feel free to take this thread down.  It was the first one I could find on bread using Tapatalk, and realized after the fact it should have been in general cooking discussion or the other forum on pizza and baking.




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