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Big Joe Cover


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I recently purchased a Big Joe and also bought a standard KJ "Big Joe" cover for it.  It's awful.  It works ok now that I have taped fishing weights to the inside bottom edge and used sailing thread to sew it into a custom shape - but it doesn't look great.  There seems to be a new cover available on the US KJ site (I am in the UK) but only the old cover on the UK site.  This is what it looks like.  Does anyone know how to get hold of one please?  Many thanks

Image result for kamado joe cover new design

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I just bought a Big Joe II online and am looking for a good cover for a Big Joe II. I see some are referring to covers at the-cover-store.com. However, the largest size I see for a Kamado is for a 34 diameter x 48H kamado, which appears to be too small based on specs I see online. I also am actually seeing different specs on sizes of the HxWxD for the Big Joe. Therefore, having trouble knowing what size to get. I will have the Big Joe II w cart.  Can anyone confirm the size cover w dimensions that works and where you purchased. I am hearing bad things about the Kamado Joe covers, so considering alternatives.


Also, given the weight of this beast, how hard was it for you to get it to your back yard once in your driveway. I don't want to break it upon moving and wondering if this is going to be a difficult undertaking to move it through the grass to get it around the house to the backyard. I see the Ceramic Grill store has a 'Chariot' for moving the grill more easily, but interested in hearing others experience on the difficulty of moving the grill.

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