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Kalua Pork

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I've always wanted try this recipe, and after talking about it for almost two years with my wife, I finally did. I did a tweaked version of Kalua Pork wrapped in banana leaves. I must say, it turned out really good. I found the recipe online and slightly tweaked it. The rub consisted of 2TB of chicken stock powder, 2TB of course salt/sea salt, 1TB all purpose seasoning (used Adobo, all I had at the moment), 1TB Bad Byron's Butt Rub, and lathered the butt in Worcestershire sauce as a binder. Kiawe wood is hard to come by, but I did a quick online search and Mesquite wood is a good alternative. Fired up the Akorn and smoked it at 260-275 degrees for 5hrs. Normally you wrap the banana leaves from the get go, but I wrapped it once the temp hit 180 degrees. I also did a layer of foil, so the leaves didn't burn. Before I warped it, I grilled a thick chunk of Pineapple and blended it with some water, brown sugar and 1/2 a stick of butter. Once it was finished, I let it rest in a cooler for about 2hrs, banana leaves and all. Made mini pork sandwiches and taco's. I also made a BBQ sauce consisting of grilled pineapple and original sweet baby rays BBQ sauce. It was a great combination and complemented the butt nicely.






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That looks really tasty - Nice Job.  I've read that smoke from Mesquite wood can be pretty strong but it seems

to have worked for you. I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for posting.

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@THATGUY Thanks for the advice! I like grilled peaches with ice cream, so I'm sure I'll like it. 


@TKOBBQ Thanks! I got another compliment on it last night, and she had it Saturday. I still have banana leaves, I'll probably cook it again the next time smoke a butt. 


@K_sqrd I've read that too, but used in moderation, it adds a really nice flavor. I used two big chunks in that cook. One chunk in the beginning, and another at the two hour mark. Give it a try, or mix it with a fruit wood. You might like it? 

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