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Victorinox 8 Piece Knife Sets

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For those interested in a good "working" knife set and a very reasonable price. Costco has a 8 piece Victorinox knife set on sale for members at $79.99


https://www.costco.com/Victorinox-8-piece-Knife-Set.product.100334873.html?krypto=81XnIYTlPM0Ha%2BKzfHYT0bUUHvw46%2FdmGRccV%2FO0X1Gh5BlGyRqFg%2FTl9jQ5tZwaXcEEx0jfrgve WEXwHfowrJdv%2FYA24T0%2BkQpUL22HSk4%3D 


These are good "working" knives that you don't need to worry about. They get good reviews and will hold an edge fairly well. I love the Fibrox handles as they won't become slippery when your hands are wet or greasy.

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Yup, ^^^^^^^^^^^, totally agree with the above. Victorinox has been the  Cooks Magazine American Test Kitchen number one recommended knife for several years. Not a fancy expensive blade by any means, but when it comes to doing the job, it is really  hard to beat, when you consider the cost. Very fine knife for anyone looking for a great knife with out taking out a 2nd mortgage. Still have one in my drawer and can easily recommend Victorinox. 

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I love my Victorinox knives.  They didn't cost and arm and a leg, they hold an edge very well, and they just do the job without being coddled.  I've given several sets as gifts and folks still like them and thank me for the set.

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I've been using victorinix knives for past 5-6 years now. They're my "daily driver" that get tossed in the dishwasher etc.. so due to (ab)use I have to sharpen mine fairly often.

But that's not the knives fault, it's the user. Like the fibrox handles in use, never slippery - not even when messing about with chicken or slimy fish.

Excellent times when I get my techpro sharpener kit in August. All of them will be shaving sharp again. Best knives I've owned (so far).

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