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Leg of Lamb w/taters and brussell sprouts

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This was my Memorial Day cook.



It weighed about 6 pounds, bone in.



Made a paste out of these things, herbs from our garden, fresh ground sea salt and black pepper.  Also used 1 TB of EVOO not shown.  It smelled heavenly!




I covered the leg with slits and rubbed the heck out of it with the paste to get it down in there.




Built a fire in the Primo and used 2 chunks of apple wood for this cook.



Game time!  I got it up to about 330f.



Slapped it in there and off we went.  I oiled the pan and wrapped the end of the shank to prevent it from burning.




Random cool look at the trees....



Refreshment a must!



I took a peak after ~90 minutes and it was looking nice.



At this point I was getting close enough so I put the sides on, had them all on a once but the leg of lamb was ready to start it's 30 minute rest.  EVOO, salt and pepper.




It done!  I wanted to see when that "pop" thing would pop so I watched the temp closely towards the end because if it got too high without popping I was going to pull it out but - cool, it popped right at 140f.  I would have preferred closer to 130 but this was great.





And now it is REALLY done as in the forever "done".



Absolutely fantastic thing to cook and eat, everyone chowed down that day!



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4 hours ago, shuley said:

Awesome looking meal

Thanks shuley, it was a very fun cook but overall it took hours of labor - not a weekday cook for sure :).  The simple paste on the meat, I can't say enough.  Well, lots of salt - 1 TB - but it needed it.

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4 hours ago, Jesse said:

Looks good, I need to try more recipes for lamb, only done it once so far. Thanks for the info.  

Give it a whirl!  It was actually about the same price as beef and the family is still going on days later!  That is a win in my book.



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