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New life for Classic

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To make a long story short, I had gotten a new classic about a year ago that had some serious alignment problems between the lid and the bottom part.  I had sent some pics to KJ, thinking that perhaps all I needed was a new hinge, and maybe some bands.  When they saw the pics, they promptly called and said - "Can't be fixed, new grill on the way".  Meanwhile, the problem had gotten to the point I was getting concerned about even putting the lid up and down.  New grill came, now what to do with the old one???   Parted it out, and came up with the idea of using the bottom for a fire pit.  I was thinking something along the lines of digging out a small area in the lawn and just setting it in.  Well, when I brought the idea up to the Mrs, the project just started growing.  Here is what we came up with. 

  Digging out the area:DSC00315.2.jpg

Leveling the stone...DSC00320.2.jpg

Compacting the stone...DSC00325.2.jpg

Pavers going down...DSC00331.2.jpg

Finished product, new grass already starting to grow...DSC00335.2.jpg

  We fired it up Monday nite for the first.  It made some spectacular S'mores, I think because the heat radiates in so evenly from the ceramic sides.  I even have an old grate that fits over the top if we want to do burgers over live fire.  It was a LOT of work, even for such a small area.  Fortunately, we had all the equipment and tools we needed from out business, and were able to do it all ourselves.  Not sure if I would have tackled this if we would have had to hire an excavator.  We are very pleased, and the Mrs. is ecstactic, which is all that matters!!

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I got sent a replacement base that didn't match my lid and they told me to keep it so I turned it into a fire pit. The very first time I used it I heard a really loud pop and looked and saw it cracked.




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35 minutes ago, chaded said:

I got sent a replacement base that didn't match my lid and they told me to keep it so I turned it into a fire pit. The very first time I used it I heard a really loud pop and looked and saw it cracked.






I guess that's why these things come with a fire box

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22 hours ago, chaded said:

I got sent a replacement base that didn't match my lid and they told me to keep it so I turned it into a fire pit. The very first time I used it I heard a really loud pop and looked and saw it cracked.




Wow, know I'm sorta freaked out.  I have mine about half full of large gravel, so the coals are up closer to the top for making mountain pies.  I hope that will help.  I did wonder how it would work without a fire box.

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    • By wallawu
      This may be really stupid, but it has been raining here so much and we recently had a fire pit built that I can't stand not using.  I have a truck bed full of wet wood and can't seem to string together a good few days for it to dry out naturally.  I think it's also relatively fresh, so there's that, too.  Can I kiln dry some of this oak in my big joe?  My thought is to dry some pieces and set them aside in the garage to use as the initial logs to get fires going quicker when I get the opportunities.  The rest of the wood will be on the rack we got for Christmas that came with a cover.  I also got a propane torch to help speed up the process 
      Has anyone done this?  Time and temp? I have split and whole, ranging anywhere from 14 inches to 3 feet.  If it would somehow leave a residue or taint the joe, I don't want to do it.  I figure oak would mainly just have moisture coming out of it, but I'm no tree surgeon.
      Here's the pit for those who like to see different ideas.  The inside is about 4 feet in diameter and the back is probably 4.5-5 feet tall.  Thanks for any help!

    • By DerHusker
      Yesterday I inched closer to retirement as I had my 61st birthday. In the morning my wife blessed me with some nice gifts. She said these were all to help me enjoy the outdoors more. (Not sure I needed more things to do that but ) First thing she had me open is this Landman fire pit.


      Next thing I open was a cover for the firepit.

      Next thing I open was a nice insulated shoulder bag.

      And finally, I opened the last gift which was and assortment of frisbees for Frisbee (Disc) Golf. As a youth we used to play Frisbee Golf a lot at La Mirada Regional Park. She thought I might enjoy getting out and doing this again.

      The rest of the day we spent it at home doing a few redecorating chores that we had been meaning to get to and generally taking it easy and enjoying ourselves. Towards dinner time I fired up the Akorn Jr. and made us some cheeseburgers. Here’s my burger with a slice of watermelon, some Pringles and a Stone Ruination Double IPA.


      A very relaxing day that I thoroughly enjoyed.

      Thanks for looking.

    • By John Setzler
      I finally decided to buy this beast because I think it will make fantastic pizzas based on what I have seen from others on this forum and elsewhere...  So it arrived this week and I got it put together this morning and fired it up....



      Oh yea!  Screamin' hot in no time flat.  This kind of oven has a ton of possibilities for pizza.  At this point, I'm super stoked about cooking on it tonight... I have a batch of scratch sourdough ready to go!  So I turned the oven off and shut off the gas to let it cool... I came back to it an hour or so later to check on it....


      The stone is seriously cracked and buckled up.  I sent a photo to Blackstone's customer service and got a response within an hour... they are sending me a new stone.  I sorta figured I had just gotten it too hot and maybe let it cool too fast causing this to break.  After some deeper investigation, I don't think that's the case...  If it was just a crack from thermal shock, it shouldn't really be buckled up like this...  I pulled the pieces out and was able to fit them back together....



      Here is where I see a design or spec problem with the stone.  The stone doesnt' fit nicely into the pan where it sits....  I try to show this in these two photos...


      In the first of these two photos, the stone is not sitting down as far into the pan as it is in the second photo.  When this oven is fired up, the pan expands and allows the stone to sit down flush all the way around.  Everything goes great until the oven and pan start to cool.  When the pan cools, it compresses the stone and breaks and buckles it as shown in these photos.  
      In order to test this idea, I heated the oven back up with the broken pieces in place as flush and flat as I could get them.  I just heated it up until the stone was 650°F.  At that point, I reduced the flame and let the oven cool slowly over a one hour period.  I also left the rotisserie motor on to help even out the cooling process.  This slow cooling process still caused the stone to buckle and rise back up in the middle again.  
      That being said, I feel comfortable cooking on this tonight but I expect it will buckle again when it cools....
      I have a new stone on the way so when it gets here I'll see how well (or not) that it fits in the pan.  If it doesn't fit any better than this one I may try to sand it down a little because I truly believe that if it has a little bit of slack in that pan when the pan is cool that it won't break like this again....
      This review will be ongoing... I will post photos of my pizza cook later tonight or tomorrow and I'll report back on the replacement stone when it arrives...
      I am happy with this so far despite the issue with the broken stone....
    • By DerHusker
      Due to our flooding we are having some reconstruction done. We figured it was a good time to put in some of the electrical I'll need for my future patio kitchen cabinets.

      The bottom outlet will be for a dehumidifier inside the cabinet for my C.I. ware. top outlet is for miscellaneous appliances we may want to plug in. The two switches are for the future under cabinet lighting and some better patio lighting. 
      My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives.
    • By wallawu
      This is probably a project that will be at least 6 months away, but right now I have a back deck that's falling apart.  As in, can't put the chair legs in certain spots because it could go through the existing hole, or form a new one.  I've replaced a few boards that have rotted out, but now even the railing is going south.  It was the existing deck with the house, so I imagine its a few decades old. Painted brown  .  It's about 3 feet off of the ground, and you step out right on to the deck.
      This thing is coming down, and I want to know from those of you that have had them built, which is more enjoyable/cost friendly/rewarding a deck or a patio?  If a deck, would you keep it elevated, or build steps that come down to a deck that doesn't need railing?
      If a patio, should it be cement, or gravel and pavers?  At this point I think rock would be too expensive, so that's not an option.
      I see a patio being a little bit more versatile (partly covered, water-friendly), and you can add on to it little by little (light fixtures, fans, appliances, etc), and the surface wouldn't need the maintenance that a deck does.  I'd also have more privacy from the fence since we'd be at ground level.
      When it comes down to it, I'd like something that looks nice, but won't make me bleed green.  I don't care to have a screened-in anything either.  What do yall think?
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