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First spin on the Monolith

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I finally got the Rotisserie for my Monolith Classic this week and today did my first cook with it. I thought I would post up some pics/thoughts etc here as prospective (European) buyers may not have seen one actually in action. So here we go - nice big free range organic chicken. Wet rub of (not quite sure exactly as my daughter did it) but certainly plenty of Lemon, Fresh Garlic, Fresh Oregano, Thyme and Rosemary and of course salt and black pepper. Eventually managed to get the bird on the spit and balanced quite well and on the grill. Spinning nicely then after about 15 minutes or so weird graunching noises from the motor and I thought "oh dear, sounds like this isn''t going to last long". Was about to turn it off when it quietened down. And after that initial scare it seemed fine. Anyway, some pics of the Rotisserie in action, and some comments.....


Installed and temperature stable at 170C. I don't think its not quite as neat as a JT to be honest but it does work (there are some little niggles I have with the fitment which I intend to feedback to Monolith:ChickenSpin_11.JPG


The motor didn't really get very warm despite being quite close to the main grill body, which is good:




One thing I don't like - and which I had my doubts about, is the extra 6  holes (for the optional skewers) which mean with the lid down this is far from air tight and there was soon plenty of smoke coming out of them (I decided to cook direct). I found that to get a stable(ish) temp around 170C I had to use far smaller vent settings than I would without the rotisserie. Nice that there is a proper handle on the spit though enabling very easy spit removal....




Anyway, end result after approx 1.5 hours at 170C probed at around 75C and looked pretty good:




On to the carving board and the juice started running even before I got the knife in it !





Was certainly very, very juicy, tender and tasty.  I would have preferred a slightly crisper skin but I guess that's the wet rub. No doubting how tasty it was though. Delicious !!!


Fingers crossed for the weather tomorrow. Got a beautiful saddle of lamb in the fridge :-)




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Nice. I have been rubbing my birdies down with some olive oil and using a BEG poultry rub. The skin has been quite crispy imho. Enjoy your new toy.

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Sorry for the late reply Pete, but I have had a Monolith Classic for 18 months and am also considering the rotisserie attachment. I have a Weber rotisserie currently but am thinking of ditching all that and moving to the Monolith. 


Do you have any further thoughts on this since your first cook? Reliability, temp stability with those holes? Fit etc?


Much appreciated

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Hi Damon. First the fit. I does fit quite well but there is a rivet on the motor housing plate that presses against the body. This means you can't move the rotisserie slightly to the right - which I would like to do. Why ?  well because the head of the butterfly screw on the spit bush is almost catching the lid when the screw comes vertical during the rotation. In fact, If it's not tightened so the wings are at 90 degrees to the spit it would catch it. I think it would be safer to replace it with a little grub screw - after all its not something you are likely to ever want to remove....


The motor is still going strong - although I haven't used it a great deal. It does seem quite good as far as battery usage is concerned though - I only replaced them today towards the end of a cook. You really do need to get the meat/chicken or whatever well balanced though. Or you can hear the motor struggling at the same point on each rotation.


To help the temp stability I plugged the open holes with tin foil. Like this the vent settings and stability are very similar to the settings you would use without the rotisserie.. Today I did another chicken spin and nailed the vent settings after about 40 minutes from lighting and didn't have to touch them once in the 1hr 45 minute cook..


I'm still waiting to hear from Monolith and/or the UK Monolith importers after all the feedback I gave them.....

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