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Can I make it??!!


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Have a London Broil marinating since last night and planned on grilling tonite. Fired up the Big Joe at 5:30 and watching the black clouds to the north.


Got the meat on, turned on the Van Morrison channel and thought an hour at 350 should get me to 135 IT or so. Popped one for the wait.







Oh well, pop another top and wait. It's South Mississippi. The weather will change in 20 minutes or so.


But.....I had to get the corn and avocado on so run out when the rain slacks off a bit. Made my honey a pina colada first though.


The water running off the corner of the cover only happens when it accumulates so just time it right and I'm ok, right. Well timing is apparently off so right when I'm heading back to the porch guess what hits me on the head and down the back. A river of water! Of course my wife is inside laughing her a** off!


Oh well everything is on now.







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2 minutes ago, cmorgan92 said:

Love the backyard setup! Nice to see another Mississippian on here!

Thanks! Been around here for 3 years or so. Great site with lots of helpful folks   

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