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Small butt/good butt

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Got the Akorn yesterday, and seasoned last night. Didn't have a smokin' stone with it, but couldn't wait -- not with a boston butt in the fridge, certainly.


Was just a small cut -- 3.6 lbs is all -- so was worried about it maybe drying out. I think it did a touch, but nothing that can't be corrected with better temperature control, I think. I had it pretty steady between 250 and 270, but it did sneak up to 300 a few times on me. Was a bit windy, so wondered if that was impacting it at all.


Without the stone, I put a metal pizza pan there and then a stoneware casserole dish on top. It seemed to do the trick. Used a few small foil packets with some apple chips. I may add some cherry next time, maybe, or some peach. Could definitely taste the smoke and at a good level ... just think the flavor could tweak a bit.


I have much to learn, but I'm OK giving myself a B+ on this one.






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