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Here's some more info. add added the pic to the post for people that can't see the album.


It was a 4 lbs. I injected a simple solution on Apple Cider Vinegar, Raw Sugar, Apple Juice, and Worcestershire sauce.

I let that sit for 9 hrs then added the rub, and let it sit again, this time over night.

( I basically fallowed the directions in The Kamado Smoker & Grill Cookbook" by Chris Grove.)


The Akorn with the Tip Tip Temp kept an even 240-250ºF for the full 7 hrs.

As you can see, if you look close, in the finished picture, I'm using a 15" cast iron skillet as my heat defuser/drip pan.  I filled that up with 4 cups apple juice and 4 cups water at the beginning of the cook.  (Not looking forward to cleaning that, maybe a high temp burn off is in order)


Meal came out good, but a tiny bit dry,  Next time I'll add more liquid halfway through the cook. Or does anyone have any suggestions on keeping a bit more moisture on the meat?


Over all the family loved it!  My wife is loving the fact that I've done all the cooking the past 3 nights. 2 on the Kamado!






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@NeroPrime you said it came out a little dry.  The only time I've had this happen with a pork butt is when I forgot to let it rest.  Just wanted to see if perhaps this could have been your issue as well.


I don't inject my pork butt, but I do wrap mine in foil and add apple juice after it's been cooking for a while (after internal temp gets to about 150 degrees), and I leave it wrapped until it's probe tender.  I don't believe that is necessary for a moist and tender pork butt though.

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