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KJ Classic or Big Joe?

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Family of 4 with the occasional entertaining. About once a month. Kids are 2 and 4 so I expect more entertaining as they get older. I want the BJ but for $300 more I'm not sure it's worth it. I have the gasser if needed. We like to do veggies with our Keats on the grill. And they sometimes take up space. I can get an extender rack which would be OK 90% of the time. I cab make a case for either one. The wife is ok with the classic but doesn't want to spend the extra $. She probably doesn't want to spend it on the classic either I bet but knows I really want a kamado. So what do you all think? BJ or classic? I saw the BGE large and XL and the XL looks big but probably a good size... 1st world problems...


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I always tell would be kamado owners to figure out what size will work for most of their needs and then go a size bigger.  The reasoning is this:  you don't think of what works for Thursday evening.  Rather think about you need for parties on Saturday.  You always end up entertaining more than you think you will.  I promise.  Additionally, as you discover the versatility of a kamado, you will be cooking more and different types of dishes on the kamado.  Your kamado isn't just a grill or smoker; your kamado is an outdoor convection oven.  You'll be cooking deserts, pizzas, lasagnas, etc. on your cooker.  This is why I always say go big.  It's better to have the size and not need it than to need the size and can't get it without incurring a significant outlay.  


Get the Big Joe.  You won't regret it one little bit!


Enjoy your new KJBJ.

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We love ALL KJ's but recommend the Big Joe. We have had our Big Joe nearly one year and are surprised how frequently comment how limited we would be if we had only a Classic. Either way, have fun and good luck!! It's great decision to have to make!

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