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Another K7 in the forum

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Y'all may get tired of updates, but figured I'd put them up until I get told to shove off. ;-)


After using a dremel to widen out the surface cracks, and boring a small hole at each end to hopefully help stop the spread.




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This was my father's repair a couple of years ago, but I figured it would factor in on this rehab. He rebuilt the firebox a couple of years ago, using asbestos tape and refractory cement.


Before repair





Rebuilt with refractory cement and asbestos tape:








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@coferj - I never use my deflector as a pizza stone.  They are entirely two different animals.  Deflectors tend to get dirty in their use during low-n-slow cooks.  Every manufacturers deflector I've ever owned isn't realy designed to be a pizza stone.  Pizza stone tend to have a different finish that allows for ease of lamding and removal and a higher density than deflectors that allows for more even cooking of the pizza crust.


If you have two racks, you're good to go.  Place your deflectors on the main grate and your pizza stone on the second grate.  That second grate will get you high in the dome and that's exactly where you want to be.  The pizza stone will cook your pizza from above and the dome will reflect back heat onto the top of the pizza.  I genera

Ly don't do pizza above something like 500° as measured by the dome thermometer.



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A lower bracket for the Kamados from that era looked like the following:




It was inserted under the main grate and the diffuser was placed on it as pictured. A drip pan could be placed

on the diffuser if desired and then the main grate was placed in it's normal position. The bracket was made of

stainless steel. The diffuser was made of the same material as the Kamado and I believe it was reinforced

with a wire mesh.


I do pizzas as Ceramic Chef suggested and they turn out fine. I do keep the temp to 425 degrees but that's just me

and I do them on a K5 which is bit smaller than the K7.

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