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Breakfast for dinner

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Was a breakfast for dinner, eating on the patio kind of night. Sausages and bacon, with simple country hash browns in Dutch oven - diced a couple potatoes, with some onion, pepper, garlic powder and a dash of salt. Then had a few sausages that didn't fit on edge of grill, and realized that was what the hash was missing.


Had some bacon rotated over top of potatoes to get those drippings mixed in.


When hash came out, dropped some pancakes in there. Nice meal. Potatoes were killer.







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The Kid got to the few leftover taters yesterday morning, but I managed to snag the few strips of bacon and sausages remaining. Fried an egg and dropped it on lightly toasted bread, reheated the bacon and sausages in the skillet alongside and had a nice egg/bacon sandwich. Meats still held onto the smoke through the reheating and were great.

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What temp and time did you do this at and it looks like direct heat..did the bottom of potatoes burn.
I've been wanting to do some breakfast on mine...and I'm assuming the bacon fat you let drop into potatoes.
Looks awesome by the way

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Potatoes went on first, with a bit of vegetable oil to start. Then let the bacon drip into there, yeah. 


Was direct heat, and with the top open was able to use a spatula to keep the potatoes moving so they didn't burn. Leave em a bit and they get crispy, though. Temperatures were blazing. Red hot. I would guess 500-600 easily.


not sure on exactly how long. Just let everything go till it was done. I'd guess 20-30 minutes.

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Will be stopping in after my percolator coffee. I know. Poke fun at me. Love my percolator coffee. After that will love a plate of that breakfast.


5 star breakfast for sure. Enjoy and have fun.

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