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Cape Cook 3 – Grilled Cheese.

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Ok, so my daughter challenged me to a kamado grilled cheese cook for lunch which I accepted the night before, I think…( Note to self, be careful on vacation and some drinking, when you accept a challenge that you may or may not remember) … I was on the hook to create grilled cheese lunches for 4 of the 5 of us.  


This was the first time I’ve done grilled cheeses on the kamado. I used the cheeses on hand (havarti, gouda, swiss, colby)  and created various grilled cheeses.  The first two I tried to get some nice grill marks and ended up burning some of the toast, the 2nd batch a played it safer, and arrived at a nice grilled sandwich.


Since it was a daughter’s grilled cheese that I burned, I still owe her a nice grilled cheese.    I see another lunch time cook in the near future..


In hindsight,  I think I should have used the pizza stone covered in foil to cook the grilled cheeses.  I’m thinking it would have provided a more uniform temp for the cooking surface.  I wasn’t thinking when I started the grill on this cook.








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I'd say that turned out pretty dang good.


I've never done grilled cheese per se, but have done some ham & cheese sandwiches in a cast iron on the grill...and on my soapstone pizza stone.

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Just now, Dub said:

I'd say that turned out pretty dang good.


Thx Dub


Just now, JoeC said:

" I used the cheeses on hand (havarti, gouda, swiss, colby)"  If those are the cheeses you guys keep on hand, I'm moving in!  Nice looking lunch.

"on hand" is definitely relative, being on vacation one tends to buy items not normally found at home.:)

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Just now, TKOBBQ said:

In2Fish I'd have no problem eating that grilled cheese if your daughter doesn't want it. Looks good.


Sorry @TKOBBQ she ate it anyway. :-)    It allows me to practice on the Akorn more.



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16 hours ago, In2Fish said:

Redemption..  I pulled off a nice grilled cheese the 2nd time for my daughter, she was much happier this time.



That one looks picture perfect. 


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We do toasted cheese a lot on our classic.  I've had really good success putting the grates on high position, and doing the sandwiches direct at about 300 - 350.  We do use my wifes homemade bread, so it may be a little more forgiving.  We just cooked at a very small Eggfest the other weekend, and grilled cheese was on of our items.

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